Work With Me For 5 Days And Let’s Build A Scoring Cocktail That Gets RESULTS!

What We're Doing

How I Will Teach You

I’m going to teach you this by DEMONSTRATION.

No theory, long-winded filler, or out-dated junk that never worked in the first place.

Not only will I tell you exactly what to do and how, you’ll literally see me breakdown the Scoring Cocktail that thousands of my golf students have used to add distance, increase accuracy, and improve consistency …you’ll get the whole enchilada – everything.

If you do this with me, at the end of these 5 days, you’ll have a working Scoring Cocktail blueprint that not only shaves 5 strokes, but also adds distance, increases accuracy and improves consistency.

Keep using the Scoring Cocktail consistently to shave even more strokes, build more confidence, and create lasting consistency.

Important Disclosure

I’m not promising you any stroke shaving or distance gains of any kind. Nor am I making or implying any distance gains or stroke shaving. It’s impossible for me to make any predictions of that nature because I don’t know you, your work ethic, your skill level, or your motivation.

What I can promise you without hesitation is you’ll have a great learning experience as I teach you how to shave strokes through increasing your distance, developing better accuracy, and improving your consistency …in five days or less.

The skillset I’m going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN.

And it is something that every golfer on the planet wants: The ability to lower their score, add and maintain distance, and finally solve that pesky consistency problem they’ve been facing for decades… and gives you an advantage over your playing partners and even the golf course itself.

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

Start Date and Schedule

You can get instant access to day 1 RIGHT NOW.

Plus, as soon as you register, you’ll receive an invite to our private Social Network and the 5 Day Challenge group as well as a class schedule.

Then – every day, you’re getting a new “look over my shoulder” video and a PDF blueprint showing you exactly what to do. The entire challenge is designed to help you build your own Scoring Cocktail you take to the course and the range in five days or less… so you can get to work.

No more guessing what to do and when to do it on the practice tee. You’ll have me and my entire team supporting you along the way.

Access never expires, so you can view the trainings any time after the five days is over.

The Cost

The cost of this extensive 5-day training is $0. Just click the ‘I want to Join The Challenge‘ button below and fill out your information. You will not be charged anything and I’ll deliver your course details to the information you provide on the next page. I won’t even ask for your credit card.

However, if you’d like to ensure better results – you can unlock the ENTIRE 35 day Scoring Cocktail course for more than half off at $17. This is a one time fee, and you’ll never be charged again. Just click the checkbox to add the ‘35 Day Scoring Cocktail‘ and you can fill in the additional information.

Again, the 5 day challenge is FREE.

If you want to do the full 35-day challenge and receive the same level of coaching – you can save 50% TODAY ONLY, just pay $17 one-time and you’ll receive coaching for the next 5 weeks.

That’s a tiny investment for “PGA Tour Level” HANDS-ON TRAINING showing you exactly how to craft a Scoring Cocktail that shaves strokes, adds distance, accuracy and consistency across every club in your bag …in five days or less.

Simply put, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

And the reason for the low price is simple: This has been priced to help you win. Period. I want to see you absolutely CRUSH this. Especially during these crazy times.

Plus, as you’ll soon see, most people who work with me end up being long time students for years because they get great value.

And I figured this challenge is a great way to “put my best foot forward” by helping you win. If you’re like most golfers, you’ll want to work together next time I offer new classes. (So that’s my “secret” motive I suppose). 🙂

Anyway, if you want to shave strokes, gain confidence, add distance, improve accuracy, and increase consistency …in five days or less, this is definitely the right thing to do.


You’ve probably seen the countdown timer on this page.

THE 5 Day Challenge EXPIRES then the clock hits ZERO… and that goes for the discount on the 35-Day Challenge upgrade (will go back to $47).

You’ve read this far and you obviously want to shave strokes this golf season and enjoy the game more.

This challenge will help you do that. Sign up right away by clicking the button below.

Again, click the ‘I want to join the challenge‘ button below where you can select the free 5-day challenge or upgrade to the 35-day challenge.


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